Emerge Solutions knows that documents are the lifeblood of business, and we have the tools to bring those documents to life. We are the industry leaders in both Managed Print Services and Managed Content Services, and have developed the software and technology to make your workflow quick, easy, cost efficient, and above all, effective.

Emerge Solutions also offers patented tools to control the exorbitant cost of printer ink and monitor what is printed on and off your network.

We know that a document’s journey doesn’t end when it’s printed. That’s why we developed a precision indexing process that extracts and converts the critical data from documents into usable metadata with 99% accuracy.

With such integrated and advanced technology, we look forward to improving the day-to-day workings of your company, ultimately leading you to more success in the future.


Patrick Adesso

Chief Technology Officer

Emerge Solutions

Mr. Adesso grew up in the shadow of the Chicago skyline but moved to Florida for fairer weather and to spend more time exploring the skies as a commercial pilot and flight instructor. His first love is application development, having failed algebra in grade school because he couldn’t show his work with software he wrote to do his homework.

Patrick is a Systems Architect that focuses on human factors when building either software or hardware solutions. He is as comfortable communicating with executives as he is programming with hardened developers. At Emerge, Patrick interfaces between management and technical talent in order to build practical, robust products and intellectual property.

Patrick is a graduate of the Florida Institute of Technology.


Jonathan Barr

VP Finance and Controller

Emerge Holdings, LLC

Jonathan joined Emerge as VP Finance and Controller in May 2015, the Company’s inception date.

Immediately prior to joining the Company, Jonathan spent 15+ years in public accounting with Deloitte, serving clients in the financial services industries within the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Chicago, IL, and Tampa, FL where he served small and middle-market companies as well as several public companies, including clients with international operations.

Jonathan holds a bachelor's degree in accounting and a master’s degree in International Business from Lynn University, and is also a Certified Public Accountant, licensed in the states of Florida and Georgia.


Michael Leone

Managing Director

Emerge Solutions

A document imaging and business process outsourcing veteran, Michael joined Emerge upon the acquisition of his company, Sagamore Business Services, by Emerge Holdings in October of 2015. Sagamore specialized in innovative and cutting edge document processing solutions.

Prior to building Sagamore, Michael has held several national and international senior management positions with Pitney Bowes, Aramark and Danka Office Imaging (acquired by Konica Minolta). In his travels, Michael and his family have lived in ten different cities and his clients came from some of the most innovative companies in the world.

A native New Yorker, Michael is graduate of Tulane University and now lives with his family in Tampa, FL.


Buddy Shaver

General Manager

Emerge Holdings, LLC

A 20+ year managed print veteran, Buddy joined Emerge in May 2015 at the company’s inception date.

Buddy has built and sold several Managed Print Services and office equipment companies, most recently TonerType in Tampa, FL, a national provider of Managed Print Services. During his time in the industry, Buddy has worked extensively with all print manufacturers, and has direct relationships with Hewlett-Packard and Lexmark.

Buddy is a graduate of Western Carolina University.

Let's Work Together

At Emerge Solutions, we saw a document printing and document processing market in dire need of re-invention. So we started with some basic concepts. Clients want to print at the lowest cost possible while being environmentally friendly and clients want their printed documents to come alive digitally with incredible accuracy. That’s what we do at Emerge Solutions. Let us help you re-invent how your business works.

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