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Documents are the lifeblood of businesses. Unlocking the data in these documents and effectively controlling the proliferation and cost of these documents has been an elusive goal for many years. Our mission at Emerge Solutions is simple yet provocative. We believe it’s time to stop settling for mediocrity when it comes to your documents. Emerge Solutions brings forward new and innovative solutions that truly make your documents come to life.

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Your documents contain essential information to run your business. Extracting and converting the critical data from documents into usable metadata has been a time-consuming and laborious process. Until now.

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May 19, 2017, 16:06 PM
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Once you have pristine metadata then you have choices. Do you want your metadata and images in the cloud where they can be easily searched and retrieved? Or maybe you want your metadata and images integrated directly into your workflow software? Or both? Having choices is a good thing.
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Printer ink may be one of the most expensive liquids that you can buy*. Isn’t it about time there was a better way to control these exorbitant costs?

*According to Consumer Reports, June 2013.


When it comes to managing your documents content or how it's printed, Emerge has products that help your company innovate and save money.

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