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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Metadata

May 2, 2018
Extract valuable metadata from business documents with state of the art document capture as a service. Make your paper documents start working for you!

“Metadata is known as “data about data.”

Documents are the lifeblood of most businesses. But, more accurately, the information within those documents is truly what’s powering the intel and the efficiencies of that business. The data within these documents is widely referred to as “metadata.” Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines metadata as, “data that provides information about other data.”

OCR, or optical character recognition, is a tool that is widely known in many industries as a way of extracting that valuable metadata and turning it into searchable information for employees and customers alike to use.

Unfortunately, current OCR software offerings do not extract metadata with pristine accuracy. For this reason time is wasted auditing and correcting the information that OCR did not capture. This is a time consuming and arduous process for employees who could be utilized for more value-added tasks.

Clean metadata is the key to efficiently and effectively running your business. Here are 3 reasons why “dirty” metadata has no place in your business. 

1) Metadata Accuracy
With Emerge PRO, all of the metadata you extract from your paper documents is clean with 99%+ accuracy. Having clean metadata means the chance of misreading, misfiling, or using incorrect information for your clients is scarce. It also increases the accuracy of that information, creating even more efficiency for your business. No two people are the same, just like no two documents are the same. No matter how dirty your document, Emerge PRO returns pristine data to your business. 

2) Convenience
Metadata capture is about so much more than just scanning the documents…

Metadata makes finding, sorting, and recalling your documents easy. With antiquated or sub-par OCR software, document metadata could be wrong or missing, making it more challenging for employees to find documents. This is exacerbated with documents with handwritten fields.

Emerge PRO is not just software. Rather, it is document capture as a service that allows you to take the extracted and clean metadata, sort it and tag it in a way that best works for your business operations. The key here is accuracy of the data extracted.  Your employees can do so with certainty that the information they need will be readily available. 

3) Security
Documents and their corresponding metadata can often contain very sensitive material. 

Emerge PRO safely and securely utilizes HIPAA compliant processes such as SFTP transmission to ensure the strictest privacy standards.

And lastly, document capturing with Emerge PRO also aids in the physical security of this information. By uploading the metadata to your software or the cloud, you don’t have to worry about natural disasters, floods, fires, or an employee misplacing your documents; they are exactly where you need them, whenever you need them.

If you’ve been using only OCR software for your document capturing, you’ve been living one-dimensional. Emerge PRO is a three-dimensional solution in what has traditionally been a flat world. 

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