Cut Costs.
Improve Quality.

Your Essential Guide to Document
and Print Management.

Document printing and data extraction are too often the last pieces considered when it comes to budgeting and business cost efficiency. It should, however, be one of the first.

Emerge PRO and Emerge MPS can be used to make your business run smarter. These technologies and solutions for your documents free up your employees to focus on more beneficial aspects of your business, and save you thousands of dollars a year. But how? This guide will highlight where your business might have inefficiencies, then demonstrate how to get the best performance from your document and print management.


included in this guide:

  • Improving Data Entry, Search and Retrieval, and Storage
  • How to “Right-Size the Fleet” for Printing Supplies and Maintenance
  • General Statistics on the Cost-Saving Tools, Emerge PRO and Emerge MPS

About Emerge Solutions

Emerge Solutions knows that documents are the lifeblood of business. Our goal is to make your documents work for you. With our solutions, Emerge PRO and Emerge MPS, we can improve the day-to-day operations of your company. With 99% accuracy for document capture, and patented technology for monitoring your print usage, our integrated software and technology creates workflows that are quick, easy, cost effective, and efficient.