Emerge OCR

Emerge OCR

Sometimes a company doesn’t need precision indexing with 99%+ accuracy—they just need to be able to search and retrieve their documents. Which is why we have Emerge OCR.

Emerge OCR is a low end solution for clients who do not want the precision indexing of Emerge PRO, but still want to store key documents safely in the cloud. This solution allows full text searching for unlimited users but will have the same extraction quality drawbacks as other traditional OCR products.

Benefits of EMERGE OCR:

  • Digitizing documents saves time. Searching for information is very time consuming. If an employee can quickly find information using a document management system, the freed up time can be refocused on other business priorities.
  • It saves on physical document storage and transportation costs. Storing digital documents in a document management system eliminates filing cabinets, reducing office space requirements and storage fees. Transportation costs affiliated with shipping hard-copy documents from multiple locations can be greatly reduced as well.
  • Disaster recovery insurance. Aside from the cost and time needed to accommodate paper documents in a company, there is also the potential of the paper documents being destroyed by a fire or flood. Companies that store critical paper documents onsite are very vulnerable to a catastrophic event.
  • Cannot locate a critical document because it was misfiled. It is also estimated that 7.5% of all company documents are lost completely. If the client had to recreate any lost documents, the time and supplies involved would be excessive.

Emerge Web Viewer Technical Specifications

  • Browser-based viewer which enables secure access and sharing of documents
  • Automatically captures documents or electronic reports from multiple systems
  • Users can view, print, save to PC, annotate, redact and highlight
  • Unlimited index fields and full text search allows quick access to specific pages or data within a page
  • Workflow automation module for business process improvement
  • Information can be viewable by multiple people, any place anywhere with proper security, data in reports, mine and export to spreadsheets
  • Native viewing of Word, Excel, JPEG, TIFF, PDF and more types
  • Thumbnails viewable on all selected documents for quick navigation to relevant image
  • Email module to capture electronic documents
  • Global and individual report retention parameters can be set for automatic purge or archival to disk, tape, DVD or optical disk drives

Emerge Web Viewer Security Specifications

  • System monitored 24/7/365
  • Redundant Firewalls with mirrored servers on a different power Grid
  • 3rd party intrusion tests
  • Support for Secure Socket layers (SSL) and non-standard ports ensures data transmission security
  • Site level security- ensure company wide access
  • User level security- ensure/limit access to specific departments or document types
  • Keyword level security- restrict access to specific document types within a department (document type)
  • User security logging and tracking of incorrect login attempts
  • User Profile/Account lockout by preset number of invalid attempts
  • User Profile Account Password complexity requirements
  • User Roles Restrictions/Access- Print, Email, Keywords, Annotations (View Only, Modify/Delete, Full Control)

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At Emerge Solutions, we saw a document printing and document processing market in dire need of re-invention. So we started with some basic concepts. Clients want to print at the lowest cost possible while being environmentally friendly and clients want their printed documents to come alive digitally with incredible accuracy. That’s what we do at Emerge Solutions. Let us help you re-invent how your business works.

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