How it works

The best part about Emerge MPS, aside from saving you costs, is how simple and easy it works.

Innovation Drives our Quality and Reliability

Have you ever heard the expression "build a better mouse trap?" Well, we did.


Patent Technology

Designed by our team of print engineers and industry experts, the Emerge MPS utilizes our patented Emerge Meter Reader appliance that integrates seamlessly with any existing printer networks and monitors print usage across all devices.


Quality and Reliability

The Emerge MPS Patrol Technology operates independently from your server, we can continue to monitor your printer fleet, even if your server goes down. You will never have to deal with supply notification delays, and you can rest assured that your MPS data is secure, complete and accurate.


Not to Worry

Our IT engineers tell us that our Emerge Meter Reader is "non-invasive"" technology. In Layman's terms, we are not putting strange, buggy software on your network. Our meter reader is self-contained and highly secure, which makes us HIPAA compliant.

Features and Benefits


Stop spending, stop wasting, start saving

Emerge MPS provides you with the information and process that allows you to save money right away. Granted, that's not a high bar when printer ink costs more than champagne, but you have to start somewhere.


IT Friendly

Your IT friends will appreciate that our Emerge MPS solution does not involve loading software onto their network. In fact, they may even give you a hug.


Plug and Play Easy

At Emerge MPS it's as easy as 1-2-3. The secure Emerge Meter Reader appliance plugs directly into your printer and our Emerge Meter Reader wifi will gather the meters from any non-networked printers.

Safe & Sound

Our Emerge Meter Reader appliance only collects meters. We are incapable of collecting any other data.


Equipment Agnostic

Our mission at Emerge MPS is to save you money. Not sell you equipment. If you need equipment, great – we have that. If not, that's ok too. Either way, we will save you money no matter what device you have.