How it works

Before your documents can be managed they first need to be processed. Extracting, or indexing, the key data from your documents has, up to now, been a time-consuming and expensive process. Emerge PRO frees your essential data from the document and lets you start becoming more productive right away.

Cool choices with really clean metadata

Now that the hard part of extracting and converting your critical information from your documents is done, the world is pretty much at your feet with choices.


Software Integration

Think about this for a second. Up to now, you have a big stack of paper that needs to be placed into your software workflow so you scan in everything. But the the optical character recognition in the software doesn't capture what you need so then you need to go data field by data field proofing and/or editing and/or entering all of these fields yourself. From now on, you just send the documents to Emerge PRO and the extracted data fields show up automatically in your software with 99%+ accuracy. Yeah, we do that. You're welcome.


Cloud Access

If all your looking for is simple search and retrieve functionality, then we have you covered. We can set up an exclusive Emerge PRO Cloud Portal for your company that houses all of your documents. On our Emerge PRO Cloud Portal you will have unlimited users and you would set the varying degrees of access to the stored documents. Once in the portal, you can annotate, redact, highlight and print any document you want. Your company can access the documents from anywhere and at any time. No more filing cabinets.

The Emerge PRO Difference


 Emerge PRO Benefits


Clean metadata all the time every time.

Document management software has OCR technology, but the accuracy of what is extracted varies greatly. If the document has poor contrast, is creased or dirty, or the text and the background are similar in darkness, then OCR may not work well or at all. With Emerge PRO you never have to worry about OCR capturing your critical data accurately.


Your software applications just became more powerful.

Many companies purchase software to manage their documents. But these companies soon learn that until the document is processed accurately it cannot be managed by software. Instead of relying upon your software's OCR to capture data intermittently, Emerge PRO can capture the key data fields and then integrate it directly into your software.


Our pricing flexes with your business.

Emerge PRO™ is document processing as a service (DPaaS). There's no software to buy, so no capital expenditures for system implementation or hardware which means instant ROI and more money to your bottom line. Emerge PRO reduces overall costs, removing operational costs, and eliminating IT overhead that would be necessary to maintain your own system and process. You pay for what you use — our contracts run from $75 per month to the tens of thousands of dollars per month.


Data security is paramount for you and us as well.

Emerge PRO uses the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. Microsoft provides Azure customers with detailed information about their security and compliance programs, including audit reports and compliance packages, to help customers assess their services against their own legal and regulatory requirements. Among Azure's many certifications and compliances are HIPAA, FERPA, FISMA, ISO 27001/27002 and SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 and SOC 2.


Frees up your employees to focus on their jobs.

The data fields not captured by OCR must be manually entered by your employees. This is a time consuming and laborious process which is exacerbated by employee workload, lack of training and turnover. Emerge PRO™ frees up your employees to focus on more beneficial activities that are core to your business. Because Emerge PRO™ is now doing the heavy lifting, your costs for training, background checks, labor law compliance and benefits administration are also greatly reduced.