Emerge Meter Reader Technology

A Secure, Hassle-Free Print Monitoring Solution

Our patented Meter Reader Technology delivers real-time managed print services to your clients without the time-consuming reports, headache-inducing setups or need to install software on a local server. This innovative technology allows you to monitor your printers with one convenient device, securely and efficiently.




Non-Invasive Monitoring of Print Volumes and Toner Usage

Produced in the USA, our Meter Reader Technology is completely self-contained and designed to monitor print and toner levels on networked printers of all makes and models. It’s configured to scan the printer (or printers) once every four hours, then report the results to us. If the device detects a low ink or toner alert, it sends a message to us, and we ship out a replacement cartridge that same day.



Non-Networked Printers? No Problem

The Achilles Heel of traditional managed print programs is how to track printers that are not on a client’s network. The old school solution has been to place even more software on each computer that has a local printer. Not exactly IT friendly and not very reliable. But with the Emerge Meter Reader Wi-Fi appliance, there is no software to install—ever. You just plug the Meter Reader Wi-Fi into the back of the local printer and it automatically transmits meter usage just like a networked printer.





Benefits of Our Meter Reader Technology

  • Easy on-boarding and installation
  • Safe for use in highly secure environments
  • No software downloads to the client’s server
  • Secure data transfer via HTTP/S (same as online banking)

We Put the “Managed” in Managed Print Services

Did you know that more than 80% of businesses have no idea what they spend every month on printing? Would you be surprised to learn that printing can account for up to 15% of annual expenses? Now, what if you could alleviate printing costs by up to 30% with minimal effort on your part? Our patented technology allows you to sit back comfortable in the knowledge that Emerge MPS is reliably managing your print output—not just selling you more print cartridges.





Without Managed Print Services

  • Erratic and uncontrolled costs
  • Unknown print volume
  • Multiple sources for technical service and supplies
  • Excess ordering and waste of print consumables
  • Inefficient printer deployment in-office
  • Print cartridges are thrown away after expended
  • No cohesive plan for printing cost controls and lifecycle management

With Managed Print Services

  • Predictable monthly expense
  • Detailed monthly print reports
  • One source for everything
  • Automatic re-order as needed
  • Expert printer deployment for maximum efficiency
  • Cartridges manufactured to vendor’s specs
  • Expert assistance with budget planning and printer fleet optimization

Let's Work Together

At Emerge Solutions, we saw a document printing and document processing market in dire need of re-invention. So we started with some basic concepts. Clients want to print at the lowest cost possible while being environmentally friendly and clients want their printed documents to come alive digitally with incredible accuracy. That’s what we do at Emerge Solutions. Let us help you re-invent how your business works.

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